Sunday, September 18, 2011



This research paper entitled “An Analysis of Figurative Language Translation in Sidney Sheldon’s Novel: Are You Afraid of The Dark?” attempted to answer the two questions as follow; 1) What kinds of figurative language are translated in the novel?; 2) What kinds of translation method are applied by the translator in translating the figurative language?

In conducting this research, the researcher used descriptive qualitative method. The data were 118 sentences that contains figurative languages.

The research findings showed that there were twelve figurative language found in the novel. Personification is the most frequent figurative language used by the SL writer. The underlying reason for this is the SL writer intended to make the story seems more real and make the story more imaginative in the reader’s perspective.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Collecting and Organizing Ideas : The Use of Clustering Technique in Writing Narrative Text

Collecting and Organizing Ideas: The Use of Clustering Technique in Writing Narrative Text

(Quasi Experimental Research in the Eighth Grade Students of a Junior High School in Subang)


The present research was conducted to investigate the use of clustering technique in writing narrative text. A quasi experiment with pre-test and post-test design was employed. It involved two classes of eighth graders in a junior high school in Subang which was purposively selected. Data were obtained through pre-test, post-test, and interview. Georgia Writing Assessment was selected to assess students’ writing. Findings were analyzed by using t-test and Rico’s theories on clustering technique.

The research demonstrated that clustering technique improves students’ ability in writing narrative text on generating and organizing ideas of story (tobt > tcrit, 3.705 > 2.000, r = 0.472). In addition, this technique proposes fun learning, increases motivation, comprehends the topic, challenges creativity, facilitates interactions, provides simple construction, and serves new simple technique to write.

An appropriate technique of writing will help students compose a piece more easily. Moreover, teachers need to rehearse themselves in utilizing the technique of writing; hence they can give a clear guidance for the students. Combination between a good technique and skillful teacher will serve valuable contribution to improve students’ writing ability.

Key words    : clustering technique, narrative text, teaching, writing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011



This research is motivated by the gap in educational practices that tend to pursue public school students only, they are more concerned with value rather than achievement. Students pursuing value by cheating and not sure of the capabilities it has. Students quickly feel satisfied with what has been achieved, fear criticism if the opinion and lack of curiosity towards science. Symptoms of low creativity PGRI Cibeureum junior high school students in learning about independent in learning, lack of curiosity, do the job with the cheating, did not appreciate his own abilities, fear of teachers or do not dare to take risks to perform tasks assigned by the teacher or the fear of failure in the student not be allowed to continue because it gives a negative impact on student learning outcomes. Factors that contribute to determining the performance not just intelligence or intelligence but creativity is very important.

The purpose of this research is to produce guidance program to develop students' creativity PGRI Cibeureum eighth grade Academic Year 2007/2008. Research using the methods of research and development Borg and Gall whose implementation is modified on the steps, namely literature, preliminary studies and preparation of hypothetical models of the subjects taken 35% of all eighth graders, which is 124 students for a sample so that the sample into 50 people ( rounding of 49, 6).